Too Afraid to Proceed?

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Unfortunately, as a law firm, we are involved with the ugly part of people’s lives. Whether it is a divorce or a child support and decision-making matter, the reason clients come to us is rarely a happy one.

In the really ugly cases, safety can be an issue. Maybe this relates to you.

If you are in a situation where you or your child’s safety is compromised, you have options.

If the facts of your case show there is a possibility of harm to you or your children, we can help you get an Emergency Order of Protection. When harm is possible, the accused party typically is not required to know about the emergency hearing. The Emergency Order is effective as soon as the Judge signs it.

The Emergency Order of Protection (EOP) is only temporary. When the Judge signs this order, a hearing date is set for a Plenary Order. After hearing from both parties, the Judge may enter a Plenary Order of Protection.  A Plenary Order of Protection can last up to two years. The Petitioner (person seeking safety) must be present at this hearing.  However, the Respondent (accused abuser) may choose not to attend. If the Respondent does not attend this hearing, the Judge will likely enter a default order granting the Plenary Order of Protection.

Once this order is in place and your safety is no longer an issue, we can work with you to resolve the more long-term issues in your case as efficiently as possible.