Quinn Law & Mediation

Quinn Law TeamWhen faced with a legal problem, you may try to navigate your way through the courts and all that paperwork on your own, only to discover the legal arena is a lot more complex and involved than you expected. Allow the experienced attorneys at Quinn Law & Mediation, LLC to help should you find yourself in this type of position.

Located in Mount Vernon, Illinois, we are a law firm that is focused primarily on providing mediation and family law services.

We serve clients in Jefferson County, Marion County, Wayne County, Hamilton County, St. Clair County, Clinton County, Richland County, Lawrence County, Edwards County, Williamson County, Madison County and the rest of Southern Illinois. Working in this region allows us to provide services directly to residents of our surrounding community.

We understand that every case and legal situation is unique. Contact Quinn Law & Mediation, LLC today to receive an honest and personalized evaluation of your case.

Mount Vernon Attorney Julie Quinn“I practice primarily in the areas of family law and guardianships for both adults and children. My approach to practicing law is to find ways to solve my clients’ legal problems as early and as easily as possible. Most people have other things they want to do, instead of being involved in a legal battle over their children or property.  Although how long your case will take depends on many factors, such as your opposing party, your opposing party’s lawyer, your goals and the unique facts of your situation, you can rest assured that I will not string your case along in order to make more money for myself. Referrals from satisfied clients are our number one source of new business.”