Good Fit Clients, Part 2

Two figures hold puzzle pieces that fit

Every attorney is different and every client is different. How do you find the right “fit” so you can have a great attorney-client relationship? These types of clients work well with our office.

This is the second post in a series. Check out the first post here.

Good Fit #3

You realize that the legal process is just that – a process.

Some parts of the legal process might make sense to you. It might make sense to you to file a petition with the court to ask for parenting time with your kids. Some parts of the legal process might not make sense to you. You might not see why you have to file a financial affidavit listing your income and expenses. Good clients realize that the courts require some parts of this process, like it or not. Of course ask questions. Find out why or if the court requires this particular part of the process in your case. But then, please believe us and do what needs to be done. Good clients ask questions and then get us the answers and documents we need to move the case along efficiently and effectively. Bad clients complain (every time we talk to them) and don’t get us the documents that we need.

Also, good clients realize that most of the time, unless both sides agree, the legal system moves slowly. The quickest way to move your case is by making agreements. Sometimes, though, you can’t make an agreement. At those times, some patience will be needed.

Good Fit #4

You appreciate value.

Rarely is hiring a lawyer cheap. You are hiring someone with a lot of education and special skills to do something you either cannot do for yourself or that you do not want to do for yourself. You can expect that there will be a cost to this. The question is will it be worth it in the long run. Will hiring our law office get you to the place you want to be efficiently and effectively? How will it minimize the conflict between you and the other parent? Can it reduce the pain your child must endure in this process? If so, will it be worth it?

At our office, we respect the fact that you are paying good money to have a lawyer help you with your case. We want to see those legal fees put to good use by moving your case forward, not doing busy work to line our own pockets.

Come See Us!

The best way to see if we are a good fit for each other as attorney and client is to schedule a consultation with us at the office. Often within that first meeting we can tell whether we will like working together. We look forward to meeting you soon!