Good Fit Clients, Part 1

male and female puzzle pieces

When you hire a family law lawyer, you are hiring someone that you will be working with closely on personal matters. Given the amount of money and time you will spend on your case, you want to have a good attorney-client relationship. Finding the right “fit” is important. Here are some types of clients that work well with our office.

Good Fit #1

You want to do what is right – for yourself, for the other parent, and for your children

When I was growing up, one of my father’s regularly used phrases was, “Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.” This simple phrase has stuck with me my entire life. It’s part of my internal moral code, so it is no surprise that some of my favorite clients are the ones who want to do the right thing. The right thing is often not the easy thing. Sometimes it does not feel good. Sometimes it is downright hard. But usually, almost always, it pays big dividends in the long run.

In family law, so much of what we do needs to stand the test of time. What good is winning an argument in court if you tear your entire family apart?

A decent percentage of almost any family law firm’s business comes from clients who have already been divorced or had a parenting decision and are coming back to have decisions modified or to have the other parent held in contempt of court. Some of this post-divorce or modification work is good and necessary. A lot of it is not. A lot of it comes from anger and spite. What if you could do things differently in your divorce or parenting case so that you would not be locked in an endless cycle of stress and strife after the initial case is over? You can, and clients who want to do the right thing are the ones who best stop this nasty cycle of endless litigation before it begins.

Good Fit #2

You want to learn and grow – and you are willing to do the work to do it

Our clients are almost always facing huge challenges and in the most difficult part of their lives when they come to us. We understand that. We provide a listening ear and resources to help. That is why we started our divorce support group. That is why we recommend books and have books on hand for clients to borrow. We want to help you get better. It always makes me smile when someone tells me how much Liza helped them with her kindness and encouragement on the phone. But all the kindness, encouragement and resources in the world won’t help if you are bound and determined to stay stuck! On the other hand, if you are willing to learn and grow, to let go of past hurts and try something new, you will probably be one of our favorite types of clients.

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