Divorce Recovery Support Group Details: 2019

The FREE divorce recovery support group begins on Wednesday, February 6, 2019, from 6:00 to 7:30 pmCeleste Robinson, LCSW, facilitates the group.

The group will help

  • Individuals who are going through a divorce
  • Those who have been divorced in the past and are still recovering
  • People who are dealing with the break up of a committed relationship, particularly individuals who never married but have children in common with their former partner.

The divorce recovery support group meets once per month, the first Wednesday of each month. Participants may join the group at anytime. They do not need to be present for the first session.

Topics discussed will help the participants in healing from their divorces. Some possible topics include:

  • I’m so upset, I can hardly stand it”, acknowledging and honoring your feelings
  • Why can’t I cope with this better?”, developing self-compassion
  • How do I make sense of all this?”, finding meaning and hidden blessings
  • Can I ever be happy again?”, Yes!

Please call Liza at 618-242-9580 to register for the group.

Read more about the divorce recovery support group here.

*We apologize but we are unable to accept current clients of other attorneys into our group.