Zoom Court Tips for Clients

I wanted to give you a couple quick Zoom court tips for clients.  Over the past month, we have been doing almost all our court appearances by Zoom. Zoom is proving to be quite convenient for lawyers and clients alike when it comes to shorter court appearances. For that reason, I think it is here […]

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The Bookkeeper Chimes In, Re: Mediation

Today’s post on mediation is by our firm’s bookkeeper, Sean Tolley. Sean is a multi-talented individual who plays music and writes books in addition to his day job. Look for his book on Shawneetown, coming later this year. I really like this post. We have many other posts about mediation, but Sean has used his […]

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What’s the Mediation Experience Like

What’s the mediation experience like from our client’s point of view? Liza and I always want to know what things look like and feel like from our clients’ perspectives. So Liza decided to sit down with one of our clients and ask about what it feels like to go through mediation. Liza Woodrome interviewed Sarah […]

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Holiday Schedule for Parenting Plan

When you are working out a parenting plan with your child’s other parent, a holiday schedule can be a great place to start. Although you may have disagreements, disagreements on holidays can usually be worked through. After you work through those disagreements, you feel more empowered to tackle larger issues. Here are some things to […]

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Court postponed in Southern Illinois due to coronavirus


Courts are postponing most types of cases because of the precautions over coronavirus. You can read the Second Judicial Circuit (Jefferson, Wayne, Hamilton, Wabash, etc.) order here. I believe that the rules for the Fourth Judicial Circuit (Marion, Fayette, Effingham, etc.) will be similar. If you have court in a different circuit, check with the […]

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