Family Law

family-law-quinn-law-mediationThe attorneys at Quinn Law & Mediation, LLC, located in Mount Vernon, Illinois, are experienced in handling family law cases throughout the state. We successfully represent clients in cases that involve divorces, child custody, child support, visitation, adoptions, and orders of protection.

All of the attorneys at our law firm have been practicing law for over 15 years. This gives us the experience you want and need to properly represent you when it comes to any, and all, family law matters.

We understand that when our clients come to us to handle their family law issues, they are putting their trust in us to help them with something that is near and dear to them. That is why we are committed to helping our clients find a practical solution to their current legal problems.

family-law-quinn-law-mediationWhen it comes to family law matters, we try our best to try and keep the matter out of the courtroom. Trials and court proceedings are stressful and not to mention costly. We, at Quinn Law & Mediation, LLC, will try to successfully negotiate a settlement or come to an agreeable solution with the other parties involved.

Sometimes it is not always possible to negotiate with the other party or an agreement cannot be reached. If this should happen, our experienced attorneys will be prepared to represent you. We will make sure that all your rights are protected as you go through legal process that may include depositions and trials.

We have nothing but your best interests in mind when representing you for your family law matters. We will negotiate on your behalf during mediations and subsequent discussions. In the courtroom, we will fight for you.

Schedule a private, confidential consultation to discuss your case with one of our experienced family law attorneys here at Quinn Law & Mediation, LLC.